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Zara Hedlund

Your change is primarily for yourself and no one else, but you do not have to be alone in your change. Together we help you achieve what you want to achieve. I offer coaching via phone and video calls and can thus give you the specialist skills you need and deserve, no matter where you live.

If you are curious about trying coaching, you can book a free trial call of 15 minutes and we will find out whose / what we should start with.

Tired of surviving? Do you even remember what it really means to live ...?
Has it gone so far that you hardly believe it's possible.
So much so that you can hardly believe everyday life without worry.

Do you even remember when you last laughed deep inside your heart? Have you long been entangled in recurring feelings and thoughts that are heavy, dark and painful? Which stagnates you and blocks you from feeling your dignity, inner strength and clarity about who you are what you want with your life. 

Is your motivation and spark hidden from you? Have you known for a long time what is good for you to do but end up continuing in the same old circle that blocks your personal development? Are you tired of rarely feeling proud of yourself? Instead of giving yourself a pat on the back, you criticize yourself and look for reasons why you have not been enough.

Free bird flying

Through coaching, I can help you break down the walls that consist of negative thought patterns that put you in unwanted emotional states. Together we dig into your consciousness and tear away roots that prevent you from living from your very best and true self.

I assume that no one is broken, we are all whole and just need to get there. It is only our beliefs that have created negative networks that give false signals that we are not enough. I will help you expand your consciousness so that you free yourself from spirals that make you destructive in your actions and thought patterns. 

I will help you filter your emotions so that you can see, feel and hear what your heart wants. So that you can start to feel confident in your decisions again. I will help you liberate yourself by reflecting your inner flame to start living again and enjoying the present. I will also help you achieve a sense that life is happening for you and not against you.

For you who want a chance to know / feel if I am the right person and if I have the potential to help you, I also offer a free phone call for 15 minutes. I offer this to create a comfortable connection with you before you buy a service from me. The first session is 1.5 hours for the same price as for one hour. This is so that we can have the time we need to get to know each other before we start diving into the inner work.

You have come to the right person if you are struggling with one or more of the following factors

Tips & Advice

Feel free to follow my blog here on the website where I share valuable information and other tips & advice. 

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Micke Bohman
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Det är iofs en själv som söker hjälp men det absolut bästa med Zara är, förutom att hon är jävligt bra på skapa ett förtroende, att hon sätter krav. Vill du inte det här till 220% så blir det svårt, men går du in med full fokus och en vilja att förändra ditt liv, då är det en "match in heaven". Zara är gtym på att ställa frågor så man verkligen får tänka och analysera sina val och tankar, vilket medför utveckling. Om man gör det gång på gång, på gång, på gång och på gång skapas nya rutuner som jag har börjat leva efter. Zara har absolut fått mig att tänka mer rimligt och rätt, och därefter agera efter det.
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emelie furberg
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