About me

Welcome my dear friends! 

My name is Zara Hedlund. I work with this because I have been wanting to help lift other people for many, many years. I love the feeling of helping people discover their value and strengths to start taking care of themselves and start striving to live the life they deserve. 

I love sharing other perspectives that can help others long to free themselves from what does not serve them anymore. I will fight as long as I can with it, one way or another. But you may want to know a little about my personal journey that has enriched me even more with tools that I share today. 

My story

I myself have had an extremely difficult time taking care of myself once upon a time. I could not even imagine a good future and struggled to find the drive to do something about it and the journey was very long. Of course, the jorney was also like a roller coaster. In the darkest period of my life, I completely stopped caring because I had the strength to submit more. I stopped working completely, stopped meeting people (even my family) and completely isolated myself from everything. Worst of all from myself. I shut myself off completely by running away from my emotions 24/7 in several different ways. Drugs and eating disorders also took over most of my life and my personality.

Then I began to question myself in depth. “If you are going to continue living? Is this how you want it for the rest of your life? ” “What if you get your happiness back again soon? The less damage and sabotage you do on your life and your body to now, the less difficult it will be to rebuild yourself ”. These questions gave me a lot of stress, but today I can say that it was the positive form of stress that I really needed. Then I also chose to motivate myself by stopping being afraid of falling down every now and then. The fear of having something to lose was part of what stopped me from making changes...

I stopped everything that hurt me and began to dive deep into myself. I began to take full responsibility for my entire life and stop feeling like a victim for everything that had happened to me. This took time and constant training both mentally and emotionally. In the end, it became a habit that immediatly when I felt fear, I faced it instead of running away. 

In the meantime, I gained a lot of insights after each threshold I grew upon and luckily I wrote down most things. The light, the love and the glow began to grow from within while I felt how I became more free in both my emotions and thought patterns. Destructive thoughts and behaviors, I found ways to crush them completely. I still work really hard on myself and there is probably no end-goal. Therefore, I enjoy the jorney as much as I can instead.

I also want to add that helping others grow gives me even more motivation to grow and become a better version of myself.

Therefore, I am very grateful for what I went through, otherwise I would not have been where I am today. With all these insights, wisdom, drive to share my tools, the enthusiasm I have to expand my knowledge on this subject is even more thanks to the journey I have gone through. Then I also want to add that I get just as much back from seeing other people being helped. I get inspired to keep going and also learn even more with each day that pass.

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